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We are lucky enough to be part of the minority of countries that have such easy accessibility to quality CBD products, growing equipment, seeds, smoking equipment, Canna-tours and more… Our main GOAL and AIM is promote all legally operating companies selling everything, and anything, Cannabis related.
This allows the South African consumer to search through a safe database of products, and find a shop or online delivery service closest to them!

Our Top Listings This Month:

RuZen Web & Graphic Design

Bringing you fresh website & graphic design. Get in touch with them for all your canna-business design needs.


9th Wave is a South African based company specialising in assisting Cannabis companies with Recruitment and Procurement services.

Rolling Papers

May it be weed or tobacco that you want to blaze, invite us, put us to the ultimate test.

Talula Tours

Offering Wellness, Education & Adventure Tours.

Cannabis in South Africa, Where do we stand?

In 2018, South Africa decriminalized the use, possession, and growth of marijuana. This made it, at the time, one of the most lenient countries in the world when it comes to cannabis.

The new laws didn’t go so far as to open South Africa to Cannabis tourism like the legalization in Canada and select parts of the United States. It is, however, possible to enjoy cannabis while traveling through South Africa. Designated areas, 18 years and older venues or Accommodation venues ONLY.

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Accommodation, Tours, Growing Equipment, Social Smokers Club, CBD Retail Products, B2B Cannabis Business, Activities / Events, Cultivator, Seeds / Genetic sales...

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