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How Cannabis Legalisation Could Boost the SA Economy After the Pandemic.


3 years on since the decriminalisation of the use, possession and growth of cannabis in South Africa and the question of legalisation is still left up in the air. With the Covid-19 pandemic putting the economy through major strain, the new focus of attention is on how the legalisation of the cannabis industry could possibly help boost the SA economy after the pandemic. 

Cannabis Culture in South Africa.

South African cannabis culture is like no other, and therefore we have members of this community like no other. With that, we’ve come up with some ‘stoner stereotypes’. Let us know what other stoner personalities you think we have here locally.

This piece is written to shed light on the Cannabis Culture currently consuming South Africa and the different types of stoners you may find. It must be noted that there are varying degrees to what we discuss in this article, and by no means is it a do or die prescription for the current cannabis climate. However, through attending many conferences, events and premium clubs, we have collated some data points for your reading pleasure.

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